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User Perception & Cognition
The User Perception thrust seeks to integrate human perception and cognition into the human-machine system for more intuitive control.

​Both the mechanics of the system (from the human or the machine side) can influence the user’s perception. Likewise, the control system of the machine, as well as altered control by the Central Nervous System (CNS) can influence the perception of motion and control. Perception, on the other hand, can be used to guide the mechanics of the human-machine system as well as help dictate control systems.


Within this thrust, we will examine how the machine assigns credit errors and how it can augment sensory input. We will also examine human credit assignment, acceptance, and embodiment of devices. Completing the loop, we will study how to use feedback of human perception and cognition for machine control.

Feedback of human
for machine control

Machine credit assignment, sensory augmentation

Human credit assignment, acceptance, and embodiment

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