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CLEAR Members' Collaboration Selected for Funding

After an extensive review and live pitch to their industry advisory board, the Eshelman Institute for Innovation has selected co-principal investigators Jason Franz, BME associate professor, and Brian Pietrosimone, UNC Exercise and Sport Science associate professor, for funding designed to drive cutting-edge technologies that solve the most pressing healthcare challenges.

Their proposal is the first in the history of the Eshelman Institute for Innovation from outside the School of Pharmacy to be selected for funding. Franz and Pietrosimone will leverage wearable sensors and machine learning techniques, complete proof-of-concept testing and develop a market hypothesis and initial business case for a novel technology to restore normal joint loading following lower extremity joint injury or surgery for the purpose of maintaining long-term joint health.

They will also work with Adam Kiefer, exercise and sport science assistant professor, and, through the NC State ASSIST Center, Michael Daniele, BME associate professor, and Edgar Lobaton, associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.


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