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Sabbatical Research on Locomotion Neurophysiology

In January Dr. Greg Sawicki, Associate Professor in the Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering and Associate Director, Rehabilitation Engineering Core (NCSU/UNC), began his 6 months sabbatical at Georgia Tech in the Department of Applied Physiology (APS). He is conducting basic science studies on locomotion neurophysiology in animal models with collaborators Dr. Tim Cope and Dr. Richard Nichols. The goal is to determine the role of sensory feedback in recovering from perturbations to steady locomotion. Sawicki hopes to use these insights to improve exoskeleton and prosthesis design.

Dr. Sawicki is also spending time interacting with many other faculties at Georgia Tech including; YH Chang (APS), Lena Ting (BME), Aaron Ames (MechE), Dan Goldman (Physics), Simon Sponberg (Physics) and Boris Prilutsky (APS).


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