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Closed-Loop Engineering for Advanced Rehabilitation


Closing-the-loop between  Wearable Technology and Biology to optimize tissue/organ function.


Merging human intelligence and artificial intelligence to achieve environment adaptation, optimal task performance, and safety


Integrate human perception and cognition into human-machine system and control


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Dr. Derek Kamper receives NIDILRR grant that will be used to support postdoc training.

July 30, 2019


Upcoming Seminars

Todd Kuiken, MD, PhD


Departments of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Biomedical Engineering, and Surgery 

Northwestern University

September 25, 2020

Zoom Presentation

Darryl Thelen, PhD

November 6, 2020

Zoom Presentation


Mechanical Engineering

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Additional Rehab Related Seminars, Talks & Meetings

Rehab Labs Research Meetings

When: 1st Fri­day of the Month from 9:30am — 10:30am
Dates: See cal­en­dar below
Loca­tions: Engi­neer­ing Build­ing III, Room 4142 & Mary Ellen Jones, Room 3104


About: The sem­i­nar series serves as an oppor­tu­nity for stu­dents to present research progress and obtain feed­back from fac­ulty and their peers. For faculty/ postdocs, the meet­ings serve as a plat­form to share grant sub­mis­sion ideas and solicit feedback.

Past Presenters

Dec 06, 2019

Joint Rehab/Regen Monthly Meeting

Dr. Mengmeng Zhu, Smart Healthcare Analytics and Reliability Eningeering (SHARE) Laboratory

Dr. Mengmeng Zhu discussed her work on the analysis of hardware and software reliability and inter-compatibility. A Markov-based unified reliability model for which incorporated failures due to hardware, failures due to software and failure due to hardware/software interaction was presented as a method for improving realibility predictions. Dr. Zhu also presented the identification of environmental factors for smart health wearable devices (SHWD) which are important to users. This work performed principal component analysis of 123 identified environmental factors relevant to SHWDs and identified 18  principal components. This analysis identifies directions for improving SHWDs in the future.

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Nov 08, 2019

Joint Rehab/Regen Monthly Meeting

Dr. Hyung-Soon Park, Neuro-Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory

Dr. Hyung-Soon Park discussed his work with exoskeletons and prostheses. New synthetic skins for prosthetics were descibred, these synthetic skins are designed to mimic the appearance of real skin and incorporate mechanical properties of skin for improved stability and robustness of interaction with everyday objects.  

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