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2019 BME Annual Retreat Awards Honors CLEAR Members

On Friday, September 27th BME faculty, staff, and students reconnected at the BME Annual Retreat at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center. As part of the event, the annual Departmental awards were announced. Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies Lianne Cartee received this year’s Faculty Award. Administrative Assistant to the Director of Research Catherine Matthieu received the Departmental Service Award, for her exceptional work in grant support, communication and the Graduate program review. The Graduate Student Service Award went to Maurel Vrabel, a doctoral student in Dr. Zaharoff’s Lab. Student poster awards were sponsored by the BME Graduate Student Association. In the Scientific Quality category, first place went to Emily Ozpinar (Freytes Lab). In the Presentation/Communication category, first place went to Rahul Patel (Giovannucci Lab). In the Poster Design category, first place went to Kristina Riviera (Magness Lab).

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